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Injuries & Conditions

Archies Jandals can be great for people with plantar fasciitis/heel spurs and are usually a far superior alternative option than wearing typical flat jandals.

The jandals are made from a very soft and super comfortable foam material. This specialised foam material has very high shock attenuating capacity, which is great for reducing the stress and strain that would otherwise be transferred to the vital structures of the feet such as the heel and plantar fascia.

The orthotic/arch support in the jandals assist in taking some load off the plantar fascia which may help to provide a more optimal healing environment when compared with flat jandals.

Many of the Podiatrist and other Health Professionals that stock Archies Jandals in their practices recommend them to their patients as a complementary device to their orthotics and other supportive footwear. 

Rather than walking around on hard tiles and floorboards, Archies Jandals are great to wear around the house as a slipper to support the feet and take some load off the plantar fascia.

Some people with plantar fasciitis/heel spurs get some very impressive results from wearing the jandals. Please feel free to check out our reviews for what some of our customers with these conditions have said about the benefits of Archies Jandals and how they have helped them by clicking here.

Plantar Fasciitis / Heel Spurs is a difficult condition to treat, but wearing the right footwear is one of the most crucial starting points.

Archies Jandals can be a great option for people with Bunions and will likely be a better option for you than wearing flat jandals shoes which offer no support.

It's important to be crystal clear, that once bunions have developed, you cannot change this, except with surgery. So nothing will change the fact that someone already has bunions; however, certain things can make them progressively worsen, and these factors are often the things that you can change.

There are many different causes of Bunions, hereditary factors being a substantial one that you cannot change; however, one factor that you can change is wearing footwear with no arch support.

In flat footwear with no arch support, if you are predisposed to rolling in at the feet (pronating), then this squashes the big toe inwards every time your foot contacts the ground. Over time, this repetitive rolling in of the feet and subsequent squashing in of the big toe can lead to bunions.

While we cannot change the bunion that is present, reducing the rolling in of the foot through the arch support will help take the stress off the big toe which will help prevent it from worsening and may also provide some pain relief if the pain is present.

One additional benefit of wearing jandals for people's bunions is that the foot may also benefit from not being held in tight, constrictive shoes which can cause the big toe to bend in even further. As jandals are all open, then there is no constrictive pressure on the big toe.

So, in summary, we cannot change the Bunions that are present, however, if poor foot biomechanics are contributing to the issue, wearing the right footwear is a vital ingredient in slowing their progression.

Archies Jandals are fine to be worn by people who wear orthotics and are the perfect complimentary device to them as they contain a similar amount of support found in most orthotics. This is why the jandals are so popular among podiatrists.

Many Podiatrists and Health Care Professionals that stock Archies Jandals recommend them as an ‘in and around the house slipper’. Rather than walking around bare feet in and around the house, wearing Archies Jandals when you are not wearing your orthotics allows you to get substantial support through the day whilst giving your feet a much needed break and some fresh air!

Yes! Archies Jandals can be worn by people that do not have any issues with their feet or lower limbs. In fact, while Archies Jandals are the perfect complimentary device to people who wear orthotics or for those who have foot issues, many of the people who wear our jandals do not have any foot issues nor do they wear orthotics.

It is also important to remember, that the problems relating to the design of typical flat jandals are not just limited to having no support. Other issues of typical jandals such as them having loose straps and having no heel elevation are also fundamental design flaws. Archies Jandals are the perfect for people who like having the feeling of increased support or for those that just want a super comfortable jandal!

Manufacturing – Product Design, Usability & Durability

The primary ingredient used to make the jandals is premium quality foam. The material is non-toxic and is the predominant raw material used in the bases of nearly all runners, ladies shoes, shoe schools and jandals.

The jandals do NOT contain rubber or latex.The jandals DO NOT contain PVC or Formamide.

Yes! Our jandals are 100% vegan friendly.

The jandals are made from foam only, there are no derivatives used in the product. There is no testing on animals.

We are an Australian company and Archies Jandals were designed in Australia, however, unfortunately, due to the specialised nature of our footwear and lack of suitable manufacturers in Australia, we manufacture our jandals at our partner factory in China. Our factory is one of the best in the world at making this type of footwear.

We have an excellent ‘family-like' relationship with our factory. We speak with them on a daily basis, and we visit them at least once every two months.

Our factory has an extremely strict HR & Environmental policy and the conditions at the factory are excellent.

The factory workers work normal hours and are paid at the award rate set by the government for this kind of work; they are entitled to annual leave, sick pay, etc.

There is no exact answer to this because the durability of a pair of Archies Jandals depends on many different factors, such as frequency of use, type of use, the surface that they are commonly worn on, product care and so on.

However, generally speaking, the jandals are exceptionally strong and durable. They will almost always wear out before they break! This is something that our customers frequently tell us, and it is extremely rare for us ever to get any customer complaints about the durability of our jandals.

We have witnessed people wear the same pair of Archies Jandals for over 5 years; however, normally, the grip will be well worn down after wearing them for this long.

Our general advice is that with proper care, you should get one to two summers of excellent use. After the first year, the lifespan depends on the factors previously discussed.

Also, everyone has a different definition of what is worn out and what's not! While we believe that the wear of Archies Jandals is excellent and as good as you will ever find in this sort of jandal, at the end of the day, they still are just jandals (very special jandals) and after considerable use, they will eventually start to wear down and out.

Our warranty covers the jandals for up to 6 months from receipt of the goods. 

All in all, based on thousands and thousands of happy customers, you should not have any concerns whatsoever about the durability of our jandals. They are very strong and durable.  

For more information, please see our Returns & Warranty section of this website.

Most of the straps and toe poles of typical jandals are made from hard plastic which commonly causes irritation, however, as Archies Jandals are all moulded as one, the toe pole/post is quite thin and is made from a really soft foam, it rarely ever causes any irritation. 

While we cannot guarantee it will be the case for you, we get an enormous amount of people that normally cannot wear jandals due to that reason, wear Archies Jandals without any irritation whatsoever!

We have a 30 day comfort guarantee. In this, we allow you to wear the jandals for 30 days, and if you are not happy with them, you can send them back for a full refund (including your original postage charges if any were paid). You just need to pay for the return postage.

Archies Jandals are not prone to sweating and you should not sweat in our jandals any more than what you would in normal jandal.

We have a 30 day comfort guarantee. In this, we allow you to wear the jandals for 30 days, and if you are not happy with them, you can send them back for a full refund (including your original postage charges if any were paid). You just need to pay for the return postage.

Issues with the Jandals

Occasionally when the jandals are brand new, they can squeak if some sweat develops underneath the foot. The squeaking will typically go away once the jandals are worn in, and some of the initial sheen wears off. 

In the instance, the jandals are squeaking with normal walking (they are not wet), there are two most common causes:

Sweat may be developing between the jandal and the foot, causing the squeaking noise. The jandals have come into contact with something that is causing them to squeak (normally dirt, microscopic dust or a chemical agent such as shampoo or conditioner).

If your jandals are squeaking and it's not because they are wet, then we suggest:

Wash them in warm water and give them a vigorous scrub with a scrubbing brush or green scourer then thoroughly drying them with a towel.

We often find that when this happens, the jandals have somehow come in contact with something (we don't know exactly what) and washing and drying them often fixes this!

If the jandals continue to squeak during normal walking, after they have been well worn in and after you have vigorously washed them, normally 'roughing up' the surface of the jandal with some coarse sandpaper fixes this.

The jandals will usually squeak when wet such as after swimming regardless of whether they are brand new or well and truly worn in.

However, once the jandals are worn in, under normal circumstances, they should not squeak during normal walking (unless they get wet).

Archies Jandals are intentionally designed with a tighter strap as it's better for your feet as it allows more optimal foot function. However, the good news is, while a tight strap is important for normal foot function, it is very, very easy to instantly fix this problem by stretching the strap with your hands to reach your desired level of tightness!

For instructions on how to stretch the strap and further information on why a tight strap is important, please click here.

Please scroll down until you can see the information about the straps.

While the straps of Archies Jandals are tighter than normal jandals, unfortunately, over time, the strap will eventually stretch and lose some of its original tightness, the same way clothing will stretch over time if you wear it a lot. Once stretched, the strap will not return to its original tightness.

However, if your strap has stretched, there are a couple of tricks that you can try that can re-tighten the strap:

Both methods to re-tighten the strap require very hot heat sources, so please be EXTREMELY CAREFUL not to burn yourself and take all precautions necessary!

Option 1 - Hot water method:

Boil the kettle. Put the plug in the kitchen sink. Tip the boiling water into the sink. Place the jandals upside down so that the strap is in hot water. Leave jandals in the water for 5 mins and then take out. Pat the jandals to dry and wait until fully cooled before trying them back on. We recommend a full 8 hrs. 

Option 2 – Hairdryer method:

You normally need a fairly decent/powerful hairdryer to be able to do this.

Using a hairdryer, on the hottest setting, apply the hot air to the strap for approx 2-3 minutes.

*Please keep your hands away from the hot air source and be careful not to overheat your hairdryer. 

This should shrink the strap down and make it tighter again. Allow the jandals to fully cool before trying them on again. We recommend a full 8 hrs. 

*Be CAREFUL NOT TO OVERHEAT your hairdryer. 

Both of these methods should tighten the strap.

Of course, with both methods. Please take EXTREME CAUTION not to burn yourself!

In summary, any concentrated heat source applied to the strap area only will shrink the strap down and re-tighten it. Just allow the jandals to fully cool before trying them on again.

Archies Jandals texture can vary a little depending on which part of the manufacturing cycle they were made in.

Typically, the jandals have a nice 'rubber-like' feel (even though the jandals do NOT contain rubber), occasionally, when the jandals are brand new, they can feel a little slippery at first.

Do not worry, this wears off very quickly, and after a few wears, the jandals develop a nice 'rubber-like' texture which has a very comfortable feel under your feet!

Most people put on Archies Jandals and they find them to be instantly and unbelievably comfortable! However, for some people, getting used to the support can take some time and in some occasions you may even experience some soreness. 

So in the unlikely event your Archies Jandals are not instantly comfortable, do not worry, after several days of wear, the jandals will gradually mould to the shape of your foot and will become much more comfortable.

This is similar to when someone first starts wearing orthotics, rarely are they instantly comfortable and it is very common for the user to feel some initial soreness as their feet adjust to having an arch underneath them and having their posture re-corrected.

To combat this, when wearing orthotics for the first time, Podiatrists frequently recommend that you wear them for short periods of time while your feet adjust to the orthotic. If you have started wearing Archies Jandals for the first time and you have felt some discomfort, then we suggest following a similar principle to what Podiatrist recommend and to wear them in gradually. E.g - You might like to wear them for an hour or so a day and gradually increase this until your feet become more comfortable with the arch. 

We have had loads of experience with people who nearly wanted to throw the jandals in the bin due the initial discomfort, only to never want to take them off their feet once they had moulded to the shape of their feet after a couple of weeks of use!

In fact, our customer surveys show that of the small number of people who experience discomfort when initially wearing the jandals, this disappears in 80% of cases once they are properly worn in.

We normally recommend a minimum of 2 weeks of a ‘wearing in’ period before you decide whether the jandals are right for you. 

This is why we have our 30 Day Comfort Guarantee in which we allow you to wear them in over 30 days and if you are still not 100% satisfied, then you can still send them back for a full refund, even though they have been worn (for all refunds, you just need to pay for return postage regardless of whether they are in a new or used condition).

The fact of matter is, nearly always, once properly worn in, the jandals will become super comfy.

However, in saying all of this, we absolutely do NOT advise any customers to 'push through' actual pain. A bit of discomfort YES, but pain, NO!

As such, if you do happen to feel some minor discomfort (not pain), we suggest to follow the above advice and see how this goes for you, you really have nothing to lose (it will not cost you a cent more or affect your refund in any way) by giving this a try.

If any soreness or pain continues to persist, then please contact your health care professional.

If the wearing in is not working – Try Heat Moulding: 

The best process to make the jandals comfortable is to gradually wear them in, however, if the discomfort is significant or it is not going away, then the other solution is to heat mould them. This normally instantly fixes the issue and can be done in a matter of minutes. Again, to reiterate, heat moulding does not affect your ability to get a refund.

For instructions on how to heat mould your Archies Jandals, please click here.

Product Care Instructions

For maximal product performance, when you are not wearing your Archies Jandals, you should avoid leaving them where they will be exposed to high temperatures or direct sunlight. 

Leaving Archies Jandals uncovered in excessively high temperatures and/or on hot surfaces, such as in a hot car or directly in sunlight may adversely affect the jandals material which in some cases, can cause them to warp and/or shrink.

Second, as with all products, the sun can cause the colour to fade and make the material more brittle.

So if you want to get the best out of your Archies Jandals, when not wearing them, such as when swimming or sunbaking, we recommend to keep them covered with a towel or other clothing item and never leave your jandals uncovered in a hot car.

If you are walking down a very steep embankment in the jandals, this can place the toe pole under excessive pressure causing it to stretch. If walking down a very steep embankment, you may want to consider taking the jandals off, otherwise you run the risk of stretching the strap.

If your Archies Jandals get dirty, they can be very easily cleaned with a green scourer or other scrubbing brush and after cleaning them, they come up like brand new! Warm water is all that is required to do this and allow them to drip dry. IMPORTANT! Some people have some ‘interesting’ ways of cleaning their jandals, such as putting them in a dishwasher or washing machine. The high temperature of a dishwasher can cause the jandals to shrink and the straps can get caught in the washing machine causing damage. Vigorously washing the jandals with a scourer or scrubbing brush is all that is required to clean your Archies Jandals.

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